Podcast 070

• January 20th, 2014

Quorn is crap.

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podcast 069

• January 15th, 2014

Year in review, We chat about the last year and things Alba did not get to do.

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Podcast 068

• January 5th, 2014

All the Christmas crap in the bag, we get on with life. 

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Podcast 067

• December 27th, 2013

Christmas crap. pulling nose hairs. Long drive and a moody Alba. In like flint and more.

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podcast 066

• December 12th, 2013

Yup, more stuff. Lot more stuff. Thats it chit chat is here.

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Podcast 065

• December 4th, 2013

Alba is sick, Tom is doing hair? The name Alba means more the just white. What the hell is going on this week?

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podcast 064

• November 26th, 2013

Alba needs glasses, An american view of the UK and this time it's not Tom. Just what is posh and just what is a redneck. This weeks podcast from cold wet ass scotland.

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Podcast 063

• November 19th, 2013

Mini trip. UK top to bottom. Curry time, lots of sparks in the the car, Guy Fawkes night plus a lot of chat.

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podcast 62

• November 13th, 2013

Football in Scotland is like war. jail time and lost socks.

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the brit and the american podcast 061

• October 18th, 2013

The comedy duo move to a small town on the edges of a scottish loch, Tom finds he loves the TV programme Come Dine with Me but doesn't like all the bodily functions and an amazing day travellng around sunny scotland.  That and some anger about cones in the road and the mini already breaks down.

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